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Still the only Industrial Desktop 3D Printer that meets your prototyping and manufacturing needs, MakerBot METHOD X lets you achieve Industrial Standard Parts with Accuracy, Repeatability, and Reliability using Plastic, Composite, and Metal materials.

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110° Patented Heated Chamber

Produce stronger parts with a heated chamber, thanks to consistent consistent strength in three axis with recirculating heat on every layer.

Obtain parts with superior mechanical and thermal properties than modified desktop 3D printer formulations.

Print solid metal parts on METHOD platform

An option for the METHOD platform with the use of the LABS Experimental Extruder with 3rd Party filaments such as BASF Ultrafuse 316L Stainless Steel.

Yield parts with next level strength, rigidity, and durability for end-use parts and manufacturing tools.

Guaranteed part accuracy; SR-30 soluble support

Print complex assemblies that fit with tight tolerances – every time with part dimensional accuracy ±0.007in.

SR-30 soluble support lets you print parts with complex geometries, something that is impossible with advanced materials on typical desktop 3D printers.

Hear from our customer

“Not only was it extremely valuable for us to make on-demand custom parts for what we needed to keep our operations going, but we were able to implement 3D printing for our customers and their needs.”

Gary Kuzmin, CEO of All Axis Robotics

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