3D print flexures for design flexibility

A flexure is a part feature that enables targeted flexibility by utilizing the elastic range of the material.

Depending on the situation, they create either flexible movement in specific degrees of freedom or stay stiff depending on the circumstances it is being used for.  They are used for precise adjustment in devices like optical stages and actuating clamps – such as collets and compliant features – where it is critical to minimize backlash.

Flexure by Desktop Metal Studio System - Creatz3D
Flexure that’s 3D printed with Studio System by Desktop Metal

The designing of flexures is particularly a challenge to achieve with conventional manufacturing, because of their geometric complexity, fine features, and being susceptible to vibration. Typically for conventional manufacturing, the production of a flexure requires multiple processes to produce the desired geometry.  Often, each additional degree of freedom within a flexural mechanism requires its own manufacturing considerations. These multiple procedures and complexities make it a time-consuming and challenging workflow to achieve the desired flexure result.

The Studio System™ by Desktop Metal, however, allows companies to overcome the limitations of traditional manufacturing. Instead of designing a part for complex and tedious manufacturing processes that could take hours or even days, the Studio System™ allows direct printing of fine, complex parts. This on-demand manufacturing introduces new capabilities for product development, as companies can now focus on design rather than worrying about the process.

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