3D printed ‘Magic Arms’ give a little girl use of her limbs

3D printed 'Magic Arms' give a little girl use of her limbs

Here is an article of how 3D printing has improve the life of people. Two-year-old Emma, was born with congenital disorder arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC). A disease that causes a person’s joints to become locked in a single position, in Emma’s case, it was her arms. There are prosthetics that can help, but most are made of mainly made of metal which pose to be heavy for a 25-pound girl.

Utilizing the aid of a 3D printer, doctors were able to fabricate a lightweight vest with custom molded parts for Emma to aid her with her disability. The result: the two-year-old who once could not lift her arms is now able to play, color and feed herself.

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