3D Printer to Help Injured War Veteran Walk Again

One of our UK based partners, OPS, has recently supplied an Objet Eden 3D Printer to surgeons in the UK, helping them plan some pioneering surgery that could reinvent the way knee operations are performed in future.

3D printed knee joint surgical model

3D Printed Surgical Models of Knee Joint in Objet VeroClear transparent material

Professor Justin Cobb, from London’s Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, based at Charing Cross Hospital, will be using the Objet 3D printer to produce micron-layer precise knee joint models and patterns for titanium plates that will be used in pioneering restructive surgery to repair an Iraq war veteran’s knee.

The soldier, who is still virtually lame, was shot and injured in and around the knee while serving in Iraq. The use of Objet 3D printing technology will be a liberating experience for the surgeons, helping them to more accurately plan the surgery, reconfigure the bones more quickly and avoid the need to replace the entire knee joint!

Read the full story on the OPS website.

Surgery Guide Prototype

3D Printed Human Joint Combing Rigid Bones and Flexible Ligaments – Created by VirginiaTech Students on an Objet Connex 3D Printer


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