3D Printing Portal 2 Spheres

For anyone familiar with the new Portal 2 game, released in late 2010, then you’ll be very pleased to see that some of the ‘personality spheres’ or ‘cores’ (representing various characters within the game) have now been recreated by robot engineer Chris Myles, using an Objet 3D Printer, the SolidWorks CAD program, LED’s, color gels, and some every-day springs and paperclips.

It’s truly amazing what you can achieve with a little imagination and an advanced 3D printer! Even though Chis states that he is not selling any of these models, notice from the comment section under his video that the demand for these little gadgets is quite phenomenal. Maybe Chris should print some cakes as well?

You can see here more pics and a video of how these personality cores were made.

In the photo below are functioning 3D models of: Wheatley, Rick, Space Core and Fact Core.

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