5 Reasons to Consider Stratasys J55

Don’t let the price and specs fool you into thinking that the Stratasys J55 PolyJet 3D printer is anything less capable than their big brothers. At about a third of the price of the enterprise J8 Series 3D printers but with similar design realism, full-color 3D printing is made much more accessible in a smaller package for an office environment.

We give you 5 Reasons why Stratasys J55 makes for a compelling buy.

1. When Designs Mirrors Reality

Print superior quality parts that look and feel like the real thing. With close to 500,000 accurate color combinations, PANTONE® validation, as well as texture realism at high resolution, it’s easy to turn ideas into reality.

Yes! You can really print in so many colors!
Use it like how you use your smartphone!

2. Streamline Design Process

Import CAD models directly into GrabCAD Print™ and go from rendering to reality quickly with the simple design-to-print workflow.

3D printing is made easier than before with the 7″ intuitive and user-friendly touchscreen interface.

3. Keep Productivity At Your Elbow

You do not need a big space to fit in the Stratasys J55 for the office environment or studio space. With the optional easy-maintenance air filter for odor-free operation and a unique rotating print tray for ultra-quiet printing at under 53 decibels, get quick design feedback at your fingertips.

Fits in perfectly in your office space!

4. Fuss-Free Maintenence

Spend more time on printing and less time on maintenance. The reliable J55 platform was engineered from the grounds up for easy servicing with a routine cleaning wizard and automated print head calibration.

5. Realize Real Business Effect Faster

The J55 is affordable enough for you to start saving on costs right away – take advantage of 80% less cost per part and the ability to create high-quality models in just one day.

Also, CMF (Color, Material, Finish) designs can be introduced weeks earlier than what traditional methods allow – including parts printed with several colors and textures thanks to multi-material capabilities.

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Stratasys J55 Experience Video
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