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Corporate Profile | Creatz3D

About Creatz3D

With over 18 years of experience in providing 3D printing solutions in Singapore, Creatz3D has worked with over 200 professional installed bases from commercial companies to research facilities and many more.

3D printing can be used as a complete solution from idea design to end product. As compared to traditional manufacturing, 3D printing makes it possible to take risks, develop customized solutions, and to reduce time and cost.

All of these make 3D printing technology a compelling investment for many industries.

What We Deliver

Creatz3D is the authorised reseller of professional industrial-grade 3D printers, which include Stratasys™ 3D printing systems and materials for plastics, Desktop MetalSISMA, and XJET for top-grade metal components, XJET and 3DCeram solutions for ceramic 3D printing, MakerBot solutions for desktop 3D printing, and Digital Wax Systems (DWS) for Stereolithography solutions.

Besides the provision of comprehensive solutions, we have also partnered with Materialise™ for their Rapid Prototyping Software Solutions: 3-matic, Magics RP and Mimics Innovation Suite, which can aid your design and production workflow.

Shaping the World with Industry Applications

Mindsets are rapidly shifting that 3D printing isn’t just a niche technology, but rather something that can be leveraged upon long-term wise, that can impact how products are produced and disrupt supply chains.

Today, there is a growing demand to deliver in terms of efficiency and time, and this is where 3D printing comes into play. With the assured quality of parts delivered at low costs, the adoption pace of 3D printing technology to complement existing production methods continues to grow rapidly. With businesses looking to stay ahead of their competition, it is imperative for them to turn to 3D printing to enhance their workflow.

Today, our extensive clientele portfolio reflects a wide variety of industries ranging from research, automotive to consumer goods productions – demonstrating the expanding potential for applications in 3D printing.

Assisting you in every step of the way

To make the most out of our industry-leading 3D technologies, our experienced team of experts are always ready in offering our knowledge and expertise to our clients.

With years of accumulated experience, our application engineers can ably assist on the possibilities of integrating 3D printing into your manufacturing process from idea design to end product. Stellar post-sales support in the form of installation, off/on-site servicing, or training programmes are handled by our dedicated team of customer support engineers who are certified by the 3D printer makers and have met stringent qualifications.