Adobe Partnered with Stratasys to Enable Designers to 3D Print Full Color Models from Adobe Substance

Thanks to the recent partnership news between Stratasys and Adobe.

Users of Adobe Substance can now directly 3D print without the need for additional software to generate physical 3D models.

“This collaboration has allowed us to see our designs for the very first time in the physical world – which is every artist’s and designer’s dream,” commented Pierre Maheut, Head of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, 3D and Immersive – Substance for Adobe. “And to be honest, we have gotten a little bit emotional seeing our designs come to life and in a way that is so realistic.”

Adobe Substance 3D tools are frequently used to create renderings for games, films, fashion, architecture, product design and consumer packaged goods. Now, Substance users can now create, render product prototypes and package designs. Then, 3D print their full-color models with textures directly from Adobe Substance to their Stratasys PolyJet printers, like the J55 Prime and J8 Series.

Printed glasses and watch 3D directly from Adobe Substance 3D Painter

With the ability to include full color, material and finish (CMF) models into their design process, artists, designers and engineers can test various iterations of a product without added cost or time. By incorporating 3D-printed models into the product design process, artists, designers, and their customers are able to see, touch, and interact with a product prototype in a way that isn’t possible in a purely digital world. This helps to ensure that the end product matches the original design intent.

“After seeing the amazing digital models created in Adobe Substance 3D, we challenged ourselves with being able to 3D print them, identically, in the real world, bringing them to life,” added Pat Carey, Senior Vice President of Strategic Growth for Stratasys. “We have not only accomplished our goal but have seen excitement from Adobe about what this means for their Substance users.”

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Source content from BusinessWire

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