All Axis Robotics eliminates traditional custom tooling pain points with MakerBot Method

One of the interesting things about our shop is that right next to our million-dollar machines on the production floor is a MakerBot METHOD, which is about $6,500. And it’s that $6,500 machine that is able to keep our million-dollar machines running through automation.Gary Kuzmin, CEO, All Axis.

All Axis Robotics, a turnkey robotics provider, has seen its production efficiency go up immensely with an in-house MakerBot Method 3D printer while eliminating the pain points that are typical of traditional manufacturing processes.

The Texan-based company is a machine shop and a turnkey custom robot solutions leader for other machine shops and manufacturing facilities that require automated machine tending solutions.

Customers usually approach them to streamline their operations using robotic arms and custom end-effectors, including those for CNC machine tending, automated part sanding, and brake press machine tending, among others.

Typically, the company found it challenging using traditional manufacturing as there was a need to develop custom parts for the robots and machine shop automation, and it wasn’t possible to do that with CNC machining. Also, the company had to deal with expensive machinist time and material costs.

After acquiring the MakerBot Method, however, the company automatically resolved that conundrum and was now able to customize all the different parts like brackets, fixtures, or fingers for the grippers. In addition, 3D printing also enabled a quick turnaround capability for custom parts to be integrated into the systems immediately.

With the ability to produced bespoke robot end-effectors design in just hours instead of months previously, All Axis has gained a competitive advantage against competitors as more manufacturing facilities upgrade new and legacy equipment to meet the increasing demands of industry 4.0 and the modern global marketplace.

Furthermore, engineers at All Axis were able to build on their expertise of 3D printing as time went by, change their design approach, and created a product line of 3D printed parts for customers who had similar challenges.

By combining automation with the quick part turnaround time METHOD has to offer, companies like All Axis has seen a notable improvement in their production capabilities and open new business opportunities.

So why METHOD?

  • Custom tooling for robotic arms requires high dimensional accuracy
  • Cost of producing custom parts drops from as high as $9,000 to $110
  • Produce production-grade, durable parts with real ABS
  • An automated, tinker-free industrial printing system

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