Boom Supersonic XB-1 demonstrator to roll out in October 2020

We have been following the progress of Boom Supersonic‘s supersonic aircraft journey, and the company has now set the date of 7th October 2020 for the roll-out of their demonstrator jetliner, XB-1.

As reported previously, the company has been using the Stratasys F900 extensively along with the Aircraft Interiors Solution (AIS) package to create hundreds of 3D printed parts for the XB-1. The AIS was created by Stratasys to help improve mechanical properties and enable repeatable development of aircraft production parts.

The development of XB-1 is hugely significant as it’s the first time a commercial supersonic jetliner is being produced since Concorde retired their supersonic aircraft in 2003.

Unlike what Concorde did decades ago with whatever technology that was available to them, Boom is using the best of today’s technology such as 3D printed parts to make it more sustainable and economical than before.

Besides 3D printing parts for use, they are also used to enable other parts to be built and assembled. For the past few months, Boom Supersonic has been sharing the details of the build on their social media.

3D printed drill blocks (seen below) are positioned to make fastener holes on a titanium panel. The small temporary fasteners (called Clecos) helps to maintain the exact position while precisely boring each fastener hole..

Even with the travel industry being enveloped by uncertainty over the coronavirus, the future is nevertheless supersonic once everything clears out and the roll-out by Boom Supersonic will change how people will travel.

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