3DCeram Ceramic Materials

Ceramic 3D printing materials used by CERAMAKER exhibit good mechanical properties such as resistance to certain elements as well as biocompatibility.

As such, components made using these materials are highly useful in many industries, especially in the aerospace and medical fields.

1. Alumina
Ceramic material Alumina• Good electrical resistance, wear resistance, thermal resistance and conductivity, high hardness, chemical stability
• Used for industrial purposes such as heat elements supports and electrical insulators
2. Zirconia 3Y
Ceramic material table zirconia• Excellent mechanical properties, chemical inertness, high hardness, low thermal conductivity, electrical conductor, good resistance to metals
• Extremely versatile and able to be used in several fields, from luxury to industrial to biomedical industries
3. Silicon Nitride• Among the hardest and most resistant technical ceramics
• High resistance to thermal shocks, to wear and corrosion (liquid and gas)
• Used as components of pumps and valves, semiconductors among others
4. HAP (hydroxyapatite) and TCP (triphosphate calcium)
150• Biocompatibility, excellent bioactivity, good osteointegration
• Used in the biomedical field for implants and other similar products