NanoParticle Jetting

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Additive Manufacturing Technology: NanoParticle Jetting Technology

NanoParticle Jetting (NPJ) technology is a patented inkjet technology by XJET. This technology enables the production of ceramic additive manufactured parts, without compromising on throughput and time.

The Technology

NanoParticle Jetting is an innovative additive manufacturing technology that grinds ceramic materials to nanoparticle size to create smooth, functional and precise components.

The Result

Similar to inkjet technology, XJET’s NPJ technology allows production of many small components at a faster pace as compared to those using Laser Sintering technology. With this latest additive manufacturing solution, it is now possible to enjoy unlimited design flexibility, unrivalled geometrical and physical properties, and unprecedented simplicity and safety.

XJET S100, M600 Cartridges


Solid nanoparticles in a liquid suspension are delivered within sealed hassle-free cartridges. Build and support material cartridges are loaded easily by hand into the system, eliminating the need for hard-to-handle hazardous powders.

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Carmel AM System.

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