Cetim to accelerate global adoption of metal additive manufacturing with Desktop Metal Shop System

Desktop Metal Studio System in use at Cetim
Studio System in use at Cetim

Having found excellent traction in using the Studio System for rapid prototyping and low volume production of metal parts, Cetim, the Technical Centre for Mechanical Industry based in France, has now acquired the Shop System from Desktop Metal to further accelerate the global adoption of metal additive manufacturing.

Committed to making 3D printing accessible to manufacturers and engineers around the world, Cetim works closely with industrial companies to identify market opportunities and facilitate innovation and technical progress.

As the demand for metal additive manufacturing continues to grow, it is challenging for many of the mechanical industry companies we work with to identify the right solution that meets their needs and then to implement it in an effective and cost-efficient way.Pierre Chalandon, Chief Operating Officer at Cetim.

With the Shop System which supports low-volume prototyping to mid-volume runs of complex metal parts using Binder Jetting technology, Cetim’s customers across the aerospace, oil & gas, automotive, and other industries, will be able to explore new advanced manufacturing solutions depending on their requirements.

When it comes to empowering industrial companies with the additive manufacturing technologies of the future, Cetim is truly one of the leaders in Europe. We are excited and eager to collaborate with Cetim on our shared efforts to change the way that companies manufacture around the globe.Ric Fulop, CEO and co-founder, Desktop Metal
Shop System Printer and Furnace
Shop System Printer and Furnace

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