Conceptual footwear fuses classic design with 3D printed soles

The conceptual 3D printed shoes “A Wrong Mongrel” brought by designer Ross Barber are unlike the others we’ve seen, they are only partly 3D printed. In this collection of 8 leather boots for men, Barber merged handmade footwear with 3D printing technology by adding 3D printed soles to the leather shoe line.

‘Motivated by the idea of discarding the conventional design process in favor a technique centered approach, the collection represents the metamorphosis that occurs during the design process with each shoe representing a different stage in the evolution. “

The coral like mass that envelops the shoes is crafted from nylon and was made using 3D printing. Considering the high cost of the materials and 3D printing process, this collection is still presented as an experimental project.

As an innovative design “A Wrong Mongrel” is presented as part of the Graduate Expo at the London College of Fashion.

Source: lanciatrendvisions

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