Creatz3D Fun Fact #9 – Vero and VeroUltra Color Comparison

Welcome to another Creatz3D Fun Fact Series!

For today’s Fun Fact, we will be taking a visual look of a printed part using Vero and the recently released VeroUltra Opaque Color materials. If you had missed our earlier fun facts, you can click here.

Which lizard was 3D Printed with PolyJet technology using Stratasys VeroUltra Opaque Colors?

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Lizard #2 was printed with VeroUltra Opaque Colors, whereas Lizard #1 was printed using regular Vero materials.

Building on the strengths of Vero material with optimized printing processes and novel color algorithms, Stratasys Opaque Colors is able to deliver better color accuracy, sharpness, and geometrical accuracy at a faster time-to-part.

Here are some advantages VeroUltra has over standard Vero:

  • Higher opacity (>99% vs. 94%)
  • Higher sharpness and contrast (MTF 50% at 37.5LPI vs 27LPI)
  • Print thinner parts while retaining perfect color (2mm vs 6mm)
  • Smoother colors achieved by x4 graininess reduction

In summary, VeroUltra printed parts >=2mm thick will have accurate colors and retain perfect color performance with high opacity. Experience what high-level colour quality is all about with VeroUltra material.

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