Creatz3D Fun Fact Series #11 – Design-focused companies outperform their peers?

Welcome to another Creatz3D Fun Fact Series!

We all love a well-designed product. But do you know how well a product is designed in today’s climate is tied into every purchase decision a consumer makes?

For today’s Fun Fact, we will explore how 3D printing has forever changed the design process as we know it. Click here for a recap of our earlier fun facts.


Innovation driven by design by brands like Apple, Google, Nike, and Ford has created a new requirement for success in the consumer goods sphere: excellence in design.

Product design excellence has obvious commercial benefits, but consistently achieving this is notoriously difficult – and getting more difficult.

According to a McKinsey’s October 2018 report that surveyed 300 companies over a 5-year period, companies that embrace design generated 32% more revenue and 56% more shareholder returns than rivals. So why do some get it right and some don’t?

A design process comprises of many steps – from ideation to concept to iterations to final design approval. But the key in every step is communication.

So how can we bring designers and decision-makers into alignment quicker?

The answer is 3D Printing.

Just imagine a scenario where companies hold a focus group on a Monday morning, gathering feedback and iterating on the design in the same afternoon, 3D printing new models overnight, and then holding a new focus group on Tuesday. 

This accomplishes in two days what would have taken two weeks or more without a 3D printer.

3D Printing helps in making designs more real than 2D images and is much faster than other modeling approaches. But many are still going for 3D printing with a single color, thick lines, and hard edges which don’t really cut it.

But with Stratasys Packaging Solutions, you can achieve much more with 3D printed prototypes that can incorporate full-color and photorealism capabilities.

Be it exploring options in color, texture, or finish, talented designers can get more leeway in achieving better and robust designs by iterating on the most important elements.

When a design is selected, PolyJet technology can turn out high-fidelity models that look the same as the real thing to get executive and retailer approval – often the biggest hurdle.

Communicating design intent with a 3D printed model gets you better feedback to elevate an already great design and eventually get to market quicker.

Start exploring how Stratasys Packaging Solutions can transform your business approach when it comes to designing.

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