Creatz3D @ ST Kinetics (Post Event)

Creatz3D is honoured to participate with our partner, PD Solutions for a luncheon event.

Held at ST Kinetics on 30th September 2014, Creatz3D managed to know more participants who are interested in the potential of 3D printing. Creatz3D is glad to create more awareness of additive printing in the defence industry, as well as educating them about our products.

Applications Engineer Jayson Toh and Senior Marketing Manager Jasmine Lok from PD Solutions shared a presentation involving CAD and 3D printing, as well as creating a CAD part on the spot using PTC Creo. Ryan Sybrant, Sr. Manager, Manufacturing Solution Sales at Stratasys was flown in from the US to share about 3D printing and gave insights on how advanced applications in additive manufacturing can be adopted into manufacturing and production operations.



Creatz3D experienced an overwhelming interest and response on the 3D Printing technology. Many people are fascinated by the potential and the amazing technology behind Stratasys’s FDM and PolyJet machines and what it can produce and do.


As the authorized distributor of Stratasys™ 3D printing systems and materials in Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia, Creatz3D has experienced a growth in 3D printing being used in educational sector, and the trend is going strong. In this session, Creatz3D will explore the macro impact that 3D printing has on the future global economy, by nurturing the younger generations to communicate ideas, designs and creations.

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