Creatz3D User Conference 2018

Innovations with 3D printing are changing the future of manufacturing and consequently shaping our future with the creation of new product opportunities.

Held at The Joyden Hall, Bugis+ for the first time on 14 September, the Creatz3D User Conference 2018 returned for the fifth year running and was designed exclusively to empower our user base with the necessary 3D printing knowledge.

Our users at Creatz3D User Conference 2018.

During the full day conference, invited speakers shared their valued insights as well as the general overview of 3D printing adoption. Users were able to learn how specific 3D printing solutions with proven applications could assist them in overcoming challenges and constraints that were common with conventional manufacturing.

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of India Stratasys, touched on how Stratasys are constantly helping businesses move forward with modern manufacturing, and shared some cases where businesses have benefited from the adoption of specialized solutions for critical applications.

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj receiving a token of appreciation from Mr. Sean Looi.

Creatz3D also demonstrated the applicability of 3D printing adoption with a bigger and more informative R&D Findings Area that was put together by the applications team comprising of Ms. Chong Nijie and Mr. Cheong Zhisheng.

Among the findings include:

  • Revealing the Strongest Nylon 3D printing material
  • U-Shaped Cantilever Snap-Fit deformation test between PolyJet and DWS materials
  • Elasticity and elongation at break test between Agilus30 and Tango
  • Memory effect test between Agilus30 and FLEXA GM08B

Following registration, attendees were also able to bring home with them a mooncake door gift that was handcrafted in collaboration with Swatow Seafood Restaurant, with 3D printed food molds that were made using high-performance FDM thermoplastic, ULTEM1010™ CG resin, and is FDA approved in America for food-contact applications. This collaboration highlighted the potential of 3D printing for low volume, high mix one-off production.

Ms Nijie explaining the 3D printed moon cake mold collaboration with Swatow Seafood.

Other case studies that were featured at the R&D Findings Area included those from local companies like Modern Pak, Fidel Engineering, Shonan Design, Sensocore, and Universal Robots, which demonstrated the synergy of collaboration and the applicability of 3D printing solutions.

Mr. Ix Lee, Regional Sales Development Manager at Universal Robots Singapore, meanwhile shared how collaborative robots (cobots) makes automation accessible and easy to use for any business. This potential was highlighted in the collaboration between Creatz3D and Universal Robots to optimize an End-of-Arm-Tooling. The 3D printed Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) End-of-Arm-Tooling resulted in not only a lightweight tooling that diminished equipment loads but also promoted greater robot efficiency. Massive savings in time and cost were also enabled as a result.

Mr. Ix Lee explaining the capability of the 3D Printed EOAT.

The conference also introduced Dlyte from GPA Innova, the new and exclusive Dry Electropolishing system that is the first in the world to deliver brilliant mirror-like finishes to precious metals in just one step with predictable costs. Mr. Jaume, CFO of GPA Innova, gave a primer on how Dlyte actually works without any liquids, and Creatz3D is honored to be the sole distributor of this revolutionary technology in Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Mr. Jaume receiving a token of appreciation from Mr. Sean Looi.

It’s always important to get the most out of your machine, and Mr. Benjamin Ng, the Regional Application Engineer at Materialise, highlighted how their software solutions can meet the demands of customers because of their intensive in-house simulation to make things work exactly as how customers want them to.

Mr. Benjamin Ng receiving a token of appreciation from Mr. Sean Looi.

Until now, metal 3D printing has failed to meet today’s manufacturing needs due to high costs, slow processes and hazardous materials. But Mr. Alex Liu, Manufacturing Engineer at Temasek Polytechnic, shared that advances in technology and greater awareness is leading to more adoption and considerable interest across industries.

Mr. Alex Liu receiving a token of appreciation from Mr. Sean Looi.

Last but not least, Mr. Kan Chun Kit, regional director of Asia Pacific Desktop Metal, highlighted how their company is committed to making metal 3D printing accessible for engineers. Besides introducing the Production System that marks a fundamental shift in how products will be made production-level and will be out in 2019, he also introduced the newly released Studio System+ and Studio Fleet that will broaden accessibility further.

Mr. Kan Chun Kit receiving a token of appreciation from Mr. Sean Looi.

In between sessions during the conference, attendees were able to view the solutions that Universal Robots and Shonan Design had to offer at their booths with their 3D printed vacuum end-of-arm-tooling with bent fingers and 3D scanning solutions respectively, and how 3D printing comes into the picture.

Desktop Metal Studio System Printer in action for the first time in Singapore.

Also on display at the foyer were our wide range of 3D printed samples that showed the capability of what 3D printers can achieve, both functionally and aesthetically. Advanced machines like the Stratasys J750 and F450, as well as the Studio Printer from Desktop Metal, gave attendees a first-hand visualization of what they looked like up-close.

Having taken all into consideration, 3D printing is here to stay and there’s a lot of reasons to be excited for the future with lower price points and easier manufacturing processes.

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