Desktop Metal announces “Live Parts” to simplify 3D print designing

Desktop Metal has announced that they have partnered with Dassault Systèmes in the development of advanced tools for generative design called “Live Parts.”

The announcement was made on February 6th at SOLIDWORKS World 2018, and a preview of the new software tool “Live Parts” was demonstrated at the exhibition.

“Live Parts” is an experimental technology which seeks to simplify generative design for 3D printing. The design tool is powered by a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)-accelerated multi-physics engine that applies morphogenetic principles and advanced simulation to shape strong, lightweight parts in minutes.

Designs are auto-generated in real-time and allow the production of functional parts with complex, efficient geometries that are ideal for 3D printing. In addition, users do not require prior knowledge of design for additive manufacturing techniques or guidelines.

One unique feature of “Live Parts” is that it incorporates Finite element analysis (FEA) that predicts how the part reacts to real-world forces and whether it will break, wear out, or work the way it was designed for. Parts can now be designed with a set of parameters surrounding stresses that the part will encounter in real-world use.

Users generally have great ideas and concepts that they want to implement with 3D printing, but it wasn’t straightforward as the parts they wanted to print were designed for alternative manufacturing technologies. So “Live Parts” seeks to make it easier for designers and manufacturers, by building parts that are designed for a purpose and optimized rather than working with a set of preconceived ideas that might not be totally suitable.

Moving forward, Desktop Metal and Dassault Systèmes will continue to explore the implementation of future features to allow users to have a full additive workflow from design to 3D printing. Furthermore, a variety of educational initiatives such as metal 3D printing certification and curriculum, and joint content programs are in the works.

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