With unequaled precision and quality in the grinding and polishing of precious metals, experience a new concept of polishing with DLyte‘s patented Dry Electropolishing Technology, the first of its kind in the world.

Compared to traditional processes like liquid electropolishing or abrasive polishing, DLyte respects the tolerances of the piece while delivering a mirror finish.

A macro sequence of a DLyte Technology polishing process from start to finish.


Grinding and polishing of metal parts is an important process for removing the asperities and defects inherent in components following the initial build process.

The removal of peaks, roughness, burs, and micro-defects can dramatically improve the corrosion/oxidation resistance, lifespan, and friction of a part.

Unlike traditional polishing systems, DLyte Dry Electropolishing systems respect the tolerances of the piece while delivering a mirror finish with roughness below 0,02 µm. This is especially important for high-precision engineering applications within the medical, automotive, and aeronautics industries where surface quality is critical.


The process extracts the material only from the peaks of the roughness. It does not round the edges but penetrates the internal cavities of the piece.



DLyte technology uses proprietary polishing media consisting of solid particles (electrolyte) of different sizes for the most common metals and alloys in the industry, such as Cobalt Chrome, electropolishing of Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Nickel Alloys, Copper Alloys, Titanium, and Nitinol.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but gives you an indication of possible applications with DLyte:

Blisks, Stators, Blades, Manifolds, Brackets, Guide Vanes, Bearings, Gears
Impellers, Shafts, Gears, Bearings, Joint balls, Fuel Injectors, Brake parts, Luxury Inserts
Implants, Instruments, Prosthetic Parts, Hearing Aid, Needle
Moulds, Dies, Precision Parts, Cutting Tools, Engine Parts, Watch Case
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The medical and dental device sectors require clinically proven processes and products that are compliant with demanding safety regulations.

Manufacturers have to ensure that the devices meet all neccessary requirements and a risk/benefit analysis must be performed in particular to evaluate the biocompatibility and toxicity of the materials used.

In a study made in accordance with the specifications of standard UNE-EN-ISO 10993-5:2009, DLyte has proven the biocompatibility of parts that are polished with their systems that meet the acceptance criterias.


Many applications require surface treatment to be performed after polishing to comply with the corrosion resistance requirements. Results from a study show that DLyte achieves better corrosion resistance compared to liquid electropolishing.


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