The First Dry Electropolishing System

DLyte is a first of its kind dry electropolishing technology that simplifies and standardizes the post processing of metal parts including electropolishing stainless steel. Finished results show a marked improvement than those obtained with traditional polishing systems.

Unlike traditional polishing systems, Dlyte machines are able to produce consistent finishing on parts with a mirror finish without the usual surface marks or patterns generated by machining. Complex part geometries can be processed with Dlyte machines without the generation of micro scratches.

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Product Benefits

dlyte product benefits

Additional Benefits

Process and Production Benefits

dlyte process and production benefits

Proven Biocompatibility

The medical and dental device sectors require clinically proven processes and products that are compliant with demanding safety regulations.

Manufacturers have to ensure that the devices meet all neccessary requirements and a risk/benefit analysis must be performed in particular to evaluate the biocompatibility and toxicity of the materials used.

In a study made in accordance to the specifications of standard UNE-EN-ISO 10993-5:2009, DLyte has proven the biocompatibility of products processed with their systems.

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Corrosion Resistance

Many applications require a surface treatment to be performed after polishing to comply with the corrosion resistance requirements. DLyte achieves better corrosion resistance compared to liquid electropolishing.

DLyte is able to remove roughness and improve the corrosion resistance of the metal pieces while reducing the number of processes required at the same time.

Results from the corrosion report shows that DLyte achieves better corrosion resistance compared to liquid electropolishing.

Download the DLyte Corrosion Report