DLyte: The Next Generation of Polishing Workshop Series

6 workshops and 64 participants.

In collaboration with Singapore Surface Engineering Association (SSEA), it was a privilege for Creatz3D to have hosted our friends from GPAINNOVA, Spain for an Industry Engagement workshop held over six sessions from 5 to 7 Jul 2022.

The world’s first dry electropolishing system, DLyte can automatize, simplify and standardize metal post-processing for businesses of various verticals. This ground-breaking electropolishing machine is proven to achieve mirror finishing for metal surfaces, thus making this patented technology a significant improvement compared to traditional methods of metal polishing.

In year 2018, GPAINNOVA’s DryLyte Technology was awarded the TCT Award for Excellence in post-processes for additive manufacturing. This technology is currently used by over 400 customers all over the world to automate polishing processes and achieve high-quality metal surface finishes.

Participants looking at metal materials that underwent DLyte’s dry-electropolishing technology

The event saw an overwhelming turnout with two daily sessions of  12 participants each, comprising representatives of businesses related to the field of metal surface engineering.

An inaugural event in collaboration with SSEA, the workshop is exclusive to Asia and aims to drive value to businesses by addressing sustainability of metal polishing in line with Industry 4.0.

The practice of metal finishings is by no means new, with it having become a crucial process for many modern manufacturing operations. Demand for manpower-saving, efficient and resilient finishing is rising, hence driving innovation in methods of post-processing.

During the session, participants had the opportunity to sit in a presentation by Mr Jordi Casulla, General Manager at GPAINNOVA and Ms Andrea Guallar, Technical Sales Manager at GPAINNOVA who introduced the unique capabilities of the DryLyte Technology along with its industrial applications.

Session by Ms Andrea Guallar, Technical Sales Manager at GPAINNOVA

General Manager of GPAINNOVA Jordi Casulla explaining the workings of DLyte’s patented technology

Following which, we had our guest speaker Mr Woon Wee Chun, Project Manager at SSEA, to talk about some of the grants and subsidies which companies can apply to. The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is able to cover a company’s adoption and development of sophisticated hardware and software solutions as well as provide financial support for qualified costs incurred in a company’s process of redesigning machinery.

Mr Woon Wee Chun, Project Manager at SSEA addressing the available grants under the Government Assistance Program

Bringing our attention back to the patented technology, the participants were then exposed to a ‘live’ demonstration of the use of the DLyte 100i. They were able to witness the process of polishing performed on sample parts which they were encouraged to bring for the event. The participants were guided through a step-by-step demonstration on how to operate the DLyte 100i.

They were then introduced to water post-polishing, a trusted method of removing acid from the sample parts to attain highly impressive outputs of shine.

Demonstration on how to operate the DLyte 100i

The workshop rounded off with a networking session whereby participants had their queries answered and gained better understanding of how the technology is able to value-add to their businesses, in line with the future outlook of technological advancements in metal polishing.

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