EAC is producing 17,600 individual metallic ornaments weekly with metal 3D printing

Going forward, additive manufacturing should be the future of metallic ornaments, both for the creativity it brings to designers and for the eco-friendly approach and spirit that is involved with the industry.Patrick Chouvet, CEO, EAC Metal Ornaments

Using the Shop System from Desktop Metal, EAC Metal Ornaments is now able to dramatically shorten development timelines by moving directly from a digital design to a printed part in days instead of weeks.

Since installation, EAC’s leather hardware production has increased from 10,000 pieces to more than 70,000 per week. More than 110,600 apparel ornaments, like those find on lingerie, were produced in just a week with the Shop System, as opposed to traditional manufacturing methods which would have taken 2 weeks.

In this 10-page Case Study eBook put together by Desktop Metal:

  • Understand the key challenges faced by EAC in meeting customer expectations
  • Learn how Additive Manufacturing is able to eliminate the costly and time-consuming process of fabricating tooling
  • Why Desktop Metal became an option with the ability to print hundreds of parts in a single print run
  • Discover the use cases which demonstrate the production of customized ornaments with elaborate and complex geometries

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