Eckhart partners Stratasys to 3D Print factory tools

Eckhart is one of the leading companies that build tools for manufacturers in the North American region, and they recently partnered with Stratasys to adopt 3D printing for factory tooling.

Amidst a fast-evolving landscape, Eckhart came to the realization that the parts that they designed were limited by conventional manufacturing. The limitations meant that customer satisfaction was hampered with rising time and cost, especially when producing parts with complex geometries.

Eckhart partners Stratasys to 3D print factory tools

With the way tools were used repeatedly over a week, durable and proven solutions coupled with increasing demands from customers pushed Eckhart to seek an alternative to work more efficiently on the factory floor.

By adopting Stratasys engineering-grade materials, Nylon 12CF and ULTEM™ 1010 resin, Eckhart was no longer held back by conventional manufacturing and design limitations. Stratasys-produced big performance assemblies, fixtures, and end of tools were not only lightweight in design but also matched the capabilities of their metal tooling counterparts.

Eckhart partners Stratasys to 3D print factory tools

Apart from accelerating the adoption of 3D printing in tooling, work is also being done on introducing microsensors in 3D printed tools that will enable the integration of diagnostics and create future smart factories.

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