Enabling the Future of Medical Technology


As 3D Printing Technology becomes increasingly integrated into the Medical Industry, there is a need to develop a better understanding of the entire process as well as how it can be fully utilized to ensure the best results. On May 14th, Creatz3D organized our 2nd Medical Luncheon ‘Enabling the Future of Medical Technology’ which was held in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge between distinguished medical experts and attendees. Brought back due to overwhelming response, the event featured an extensive line-up of speakers such as Professor Lim Thiam Chye- Senior Consultant, Head of Division of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgery at National University Hospital, Professor Dr Vickneswaran A/L Mathaneswaran- Head of Surgical Department at the University Of Malaya, Mr. Yuwaraj Kumar Balakrishnan- Chief Operations Manager, CBMTI and Dr.Siti- Singapore General Hospital.

Through the Medical Luncheon, attendees got to learn more about the 3D Printing Ecosystem as well as the numerous challenges faced by medical practitioners. For instance, Yuwaraj Kumar Balakrishnan from CBMTI highlighted the issue of doctors requiring 3D Printed models at a faster rate so as to facilitate them in troubleshooting the potential surgical problem areas. In the talk session, he advised them on how to overcome this issue and subsequently being able to achieve a streamlined workflow.

In addition, Yuwaraj Kumar Balakrishnan also explained about the benefits of 3D Printing in the Medical Industry such as accurate and lifelike anatomical models being created, decreased operational time and increased operational success to all whom attended. Aside from that, with the aid of 3D Printing Technology, different 3D printing materials and colours can be incorporated into the medical models, hence successfully emulating the look and feel of skin tissue, muscles tissues and organs. In doing so, this facilitates better training and education opportunities whereby medical students and educators can engage in realistic surgical simulations. Through these simulations, the medical education industry is able to emulate real life scenarios in the classroom, instilling that much value added experience into their students.

Aside from that, several case studies related to 3D Printing Technology and the medical industry were also showcased during the Luncheon. Dr.Siti from Singapore General Hospital shared her experience about how, in collaboration with Creatz3D, 3D Printing Technology aided in developing a customized solution for patients that were suffering from a unique condition. Through the 3D Printed medical devices and parts, the patients were able to enjoy a better quality of life.

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Most importantly, Professor TC. Lim also addressed the participants’ concerns about the feasibility and cost effectiveness of 3D Printing models. He emphasized on the importance of obtaining precise measurements for 3D Printed models so as to reduce the chances of errors and prevent future corrective surgeries. Unlike hobbyist 3D Printers, Industrial Grade printers have a much higher accuracy, hence ensuring higher quality and patient specific models. The reduction in the probability of having to carry out corrective surgeries would also mean lesser costs and time incurred.

Creatz3D would like to express our thanks to all the attendees of ‘3D Printing, Enabling Technology in Medical Fields’ Luncheon. For more information about the applications and advantages of 3D Printing in the Medical industry, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at info@creatz3d or +6631 8555.

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