First 3D Printed Model Using Both FDM and Inkjet Technology!

The desktop card and pen holder is based on two puzzle pieces that very snugly fit together (a testament to the accuracy of both the Inkjet and FDM 3D printers!). The orange half is 3D printed using FDM technology – in this case in the ABSi material. This material is a functional ABS industrial thermoplastic, stronger than regular ABS and ideal for when you need a unique or small batch of functional end-parts for applications such as medical and automotive.

The black half is 3D printed using Inkjet based materials (created on the Objet Connex system). This material is a photopolymer and is excellent for fit and form prototyping. The material is smooth, shiny and can be printed simultaneously with other materials to accurately simulate the true look and feel of assembled goods and off-the-shelf products.

Together, a winning combination for Fit, Form and Functional Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing!

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