Fonco Studios streamlines design workflow with 3D Printing

The Stratasys J55 fits into our workflow as the ideal printer. We’re getting really high quality parts, some of the best quality parts I’ve ever seen. But now they have combined that quality with printing in color, and that’s a huge game changer.

Fon Davis, Founder & Creative Director at Fonco Studios

Founded in 1997, Fonco Studios is a design and fabrication studio that specializes in the creation of props primarily for the motion picture industry among others.

For over 35 years, the team have worked on the Star Wars series, Jurassic Park series, Terminator series, Matrix series, Gods of Mars, and other franchises.

From designing to fabrication, Fonco does a lot in bringing to ideas to life with robotics, creatures, miniatures, and special effects. The team uses cutting-edge technology and software to make them happen, from 3D scanning to 3D printing.

A typical scenario would be when some modifications needed to be done to a miniature. The design would be cleaned up first and the texture and geometric data is then applied such as rust, bumps, and bolts, before importing it into GrabCAD Print

“These printers are great because they actually print in CYMK so you can get PANTONE accurate colors,” explained Jeremy Deibo, Art Director at Fonco Studios.

The J55 and 3D Printing has been a game-changer for Fonco Studios as it frees up the artist to focus on his art. Before 3D printing, the Fonco team would worry about accuracy and repeatability, and the need to do finish work when it comes to molding and casting.

“The technology doesn’t put people out of work, it just elevates the quality of our work. The marriage between Stratasys and Fonco Studios is a good one because they are an innovator, They are pushing their technology to the limit, and that’s exactly what we need to do. It’s exactly what we do everyday,” concluded Fon Davies.

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