Gear Junkies – Steampunk and 3D Printing

Although steam power isn’t what drives 3D printing, we were inspired by the gears and gadgetry of steampunk to hack these iPhone cases designed by Danny Tasmakis.  Created on an Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer – and dolled up in bronze and silver – the interlocking gears work perfectly. See the complete design and 3D printing process in this blog post: 3D Printing Some Unique iPhone Covers!
The term “steampunk” was coined in the 1980s to describe a genre of science fiction that tends to contain scenes or references to the Victorian era (or the American “wild west”). This was a time when steam powered the machines and gadgets that were gaining new prominence in popular culture, especially when it came to the ideas of exploration of new or “lost” worlds. Authors H.G. Wells and Jules Verne are particularly inspirational to this genre. Sean Charlesworth was inspired by Jules Verne when creating one of our favorite, and certainly most-popular, 3D printed models in this genre, the Octopod.Steampunk recalls a time when mass production had not yet taken hold. Hand-crafted, individual creations were the norm. So, naturally, steampunk enthusiasts can appreciate the value of 3D printing to produce one-off, personalized pieces.

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