Getting Prepared for Additive Manufacturing Sharing Session


The readiness of businesses and institutions to integrate 3D Printing Technology into their work process was the central point of discussion at the ‘Getting Prepared towards Additive Manufacturing’ sharing session held on April 22nd. Jointly organized by Creatz3D, Nanyang Polytechnic and Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), the session was an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the capabilities of Additive Manufacturing as well as how it has progressed over the years. This included comprehensive presentations about 3D Printing Technologies, various 3D Printing application case studies and a tour of the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre at NYP.

As one of the organizers, Creatz3D shared our insights about the different types of 3D Printing Technologies available and advised participants on which would best suit their needs. For instance, it was emphasized that if durability and strength of a component or a product was of utmost importance, FDM Technology would be the most ideal. This is due to the stable thermal and mechanical properties of its materials that are able to withstand external environmental influences, if any. In addition, the robust quality of the FDM Technology Materials also enables for repeated testing, hence ensuring functionality and accuracy of results. As such, FDM technology tends to be widely used in terms of end use manufacturing and tooling.

Aside from that, several 3D Printing application case studies were also shared with the attendees. From there, attendees could then develop a better idea of how various companies and institutions have successfully integrated 3D Printing Technology into their work process along with the benefits experienced such as time and cost savings. To further enhance on the attendees’ visual and tactile processing of the 3D Printing application case studies, 3D Printed models and samples were also passed around as well as displayed throughout the venue. To top it off, our Application Engineer also provided tips with regard to designing parts and products. One example would be the optimization of self- supporting structures (45 degrees or lesser) so as to speed up the build process while saving on material costs and usage.


Lastly, a tour of the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre at NYP was also carried out. Through the tour, attendees were able to experience the 3D Printing process up-close as well as have a look at the diverse range of 3D Printers available, making it an eye opening experience.

Creatz3D would like to thank all the attendees of the ‘Getting Prepared for Additive Manufacturing’. For more information about the different types of 3D Printing solutions and technologies that we offer, please proceed here. Alternatively, you can choose to contact us via email at or (65) 6631 8555.

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