Giochi Preziosi takes Gormiti toy prototyping to the next level

Having built a strong reputation for its creative design ideas and the ability to innovate in a competitive market, Italian toy manufacturer, Giochi Preziosi, has acquired the world’s only full color, multi-material 3D printer – Stratasys J750, to further push the boundaries of innovation for every toy that is designed by their R&D team.

One major challenge that the R&D team had faced prior to using the J750 was achieving the level of color and detail that they wanted for every individual model accurately and consistently, especially in the prototyping of action figures and dolls.

Typically, they would use their previous 3D printer to produce models in a grey base color, go through a length post-process step, before hand-painting every model with the required color scheme and detail. This was undoubtedly a costly and laborious process that offered little room for design iterations that would typically arise.

Photo: 3PMN
We had to rely on the job of our artists to provide the visual effects needed to accurately portray something closer to the final product. With this comes the inevitability of human error and the inability to recreate detail and color, one hundred percent of the time.Fabrizio Cofini, R&D Project Manager at Giochi Prezios

With the J750 however, the team has significantly reduced lead time in developing prototypes for the Gormiti brand compared to previous methods, and most importantly the overall product quality.

Internal approval time has also been reduced by up to 30% thanks to the ability of the J750 to print increased level of details, enable wide-ranging color vividness, support Pantone validation, as well as the ability to use a diverse range of materials, and smooth out the industrial color communication process from prototype to final production.

Photo: 3PMN
The toy industry is constantly in flux as trends and interests change, and the particular concepts and design iterations we have to create requires us to reflect this. Using the J750, the team is able to create attention-grabbing models using vivid colors and with a previously unattainable accuracy and repeatability. The vibrant models perfectly represent what we would like the final toys to look like.Fabrizio Cofini, R&D Project Manager at Giochi Prezios

With the models produced by the J750 resembling the final product so closely, Giochi Preziosi is using them to enhance their stands at major international trade shows and toy fairs as a preview of next season’s highlights.

“For us, the J750 has opened our eyes to the possibilities of ultra-realistic prototyping and the opportunities are endless. Importantly, its capabilities grant our designers limitless freedom of imagination knowing that we now have the means to bring their ideas to life,” concluded Cofini.

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Source: 3PMN

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