GPA Innova to advance metal post-processing with A3DM Technologies

American-based additive manufacturing company, A3DM Technologies, together with Spanish-based technology company, GPA Innova, have announced that they are partnering to advance the post-processing of additive manufactured metal parts.

Under the Collaborative Research and Development Agreement, A3DM will research and develop optimized processing parameters for GPA Innova’s patented DLyte dry electropolishing system that grinds and polishes for metal components produced by powder-based additive manufacturing.

GPA Innova's DLyte dry electropolishing in action.
GPA Innova’s DLyte dry electropolishing in action.

Steve Adler, President of A3DM, expressed that they recognized DLyte as a truly disruptive technology for additively manufactured metal components. In addition, the unique ion transport process holds promising potential over traditional electrolytic processes when it comes to environmental impact.

DLyte utilizes a patented revolutionary technology that enables the automatic grinding and polishing of non-precious and precious metal components. Billed as the world’s first dry electropolishing system, the technology uses no liquid as the electrolyte and is highly suitable for those dealing with steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium components.

Patrick Sage, Business Manager at GPA Innova, believes that A3DM’s decades of expertise in the development of process improvements for Additive Manufacturing will play an instrumental role in the advancement of Dlyte in this growing production application. This is especially crucial with the increasing popularity of metal additive manufacturing.

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