Innodesign Journeys from Monochrome to Photorealism with 3D Printing

Even as an experienced user of 3D printing technology, Korea-based Innodesign was surprised by the unprecedented realism provided by Stratasys 3D printers.

“They truly amaze everyone on the team, and boosts energy for designers to keep thinking out of the box for more and better ideas,” said Kim Young Se, CEO of Innodesign.

Founded back in 1986 in Silicon Valley, Innodesign has constantly been looking at ways to improve and innovate their designs during the concept and rendering process to stay ahead of the competition.

Laneige Foundation Sliding Pact

Just as Kim was wondering why the design industry wasn’t keeping up to speed with digital transformations unlike other industries, he was then ushered into a whole new world after getting to work with Stratasys 3D Printers.

With the J Series 3D Printers supporting 3D printing in multi-materials and multi-colors, a previously monochromatic model can now be turned into a photorealistic prototype regardless of design complexity and fabrication technicality.

Innowave Headphone

Innowave Headphone

Among their projects was a headphone design where they mapped different patterns to it according to a customer’s request. The result was unexpectedly successful and everyone was happy with the fine details and the original colors that the 3D printer was able to reproduce. 

Unlike previous fabrication methods where the 3D printed prototype had to go through numerous post-processing steps, the J Series lets you process prototypes out in fewer steps allowing for more design iterations instead.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Blurring the line between concept mockups and high-fidelity prototypes, the J Series can reproduce them at a fraction of the original costs through traditional fabrication.

A typical prototype might take up to 2 weeks to produce costing $900-1300 with traditional fabrication, but the J Series can reduce the lead time to just 8 hours and costing just $88. This represents cost and lead time savings of 90% and 97% respectively.

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