Innovative Plastics achieves better injection molds with metal 3D printing

We chose the Desktop Metal Studio System for its ease-of-use, as well as the wide range of materials available. For us, 3D printing brings significant cost and time savings.Tom Kerr, Tooling and Program Manager, Innovative Plastics

By printing mold cavities and cores on the Studio System from Desktop Metal, Innovative Plastics achieved significant savings in both time and money, as well as enabling shorter injection cycle times.

In this 7-page Case Study eBook put together by Desktop Metal:

  • Understand the one key issue faced by Innovative Plastics
  • Learn how Additive Manufacturing is able to help to incorporate features – like conformal cooling channels – into a mold that would otherwise be impossible to manufacture conventionally
  • Why Desktop Metal became an option with their wide range of materials such as H13 tool steel
  • Discover the lead-time and cost comparisons for applications such as mold core & cavity, and more.

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