J750- Multiple colours and textures at its finest

J750_shoes_1 - Low ResolutionGet creative. Let your ideas materialize in their full, multi-coloured and multi-textured glory with ease. Consisting of 6 material channels and over 362,000 colour combinations, the Stratasys J750 3D Printer is set to revolutionize the design and production process. Gone are the days whereby you have to compromise and settle for another alternative hue when the colour is not available. Through J750, create lifelike 3D Printed parts and models and attain that exact shade of colour that you desire. In addition, post processing techniques such as painting is not required, hence reducing labour time and manpower allocation. The ability to consolidate multiple parts also further cuts down on assembly time so that you can get your final 3D Printed products in a shorter amount of time.

Asides from that, users are given the option of combining numerous materials, colour textures and gradients all in one print job, thus allowing for infinite design possibilities. Carbon, wood and plaid textures can be effortlessly emulated on the 3D Printed models and parts so as to increase their sense of realism and aesthetics. Moreover, with the existence of 6 material channels, you no longer have to go through the hassle of replacing the materials and purging them, making it a time saving and convenient process.

Most importantly, the Stratasys J750 3D Printer facilitates the production of 3D Printed parts and model more quickly and accurately before. Overmolding of digital materials can be completed at twice the speed of its predecessor, Connex 3 and the high quality mode permits for layers as thin as 14 microns. As a result, fine and precise details can be accurately represented in the 3D Printed parts and models, leading to greater functionality and sophisticated designs.

J750_Head cutaway front_MQ      J750_StainedGlass3_MQ   J750_Baby Toy detail 1_MQ

Lengthy procedures involved in preparing the digital design for 3D Printing are also mitigated by the use of the complementing PolyJet Studio software. An upgraded version of Objet Studio software, PolyJet Studio software provides users with the choice to select color profiles; materials mix and optimize build time. Subsequently, a streamlined workflow can be obtained along with enhanced efficiency, thus positively impacting the overall bottom line.

With the numerous capabilities and advantages in store, the Stratasys J750 3D Printer is definitely a useful platform that businesses can utilize to address their concerns and expand their horizons. Now the question is: Are you ready to capitalize on this opportunity and acquire the know-how on how to expedite your work process with Stratasys J750? Do not be left behind. Find out more about J750’s specifications and how it can aid you in the design and manufacturing process today. Alternatively, you may choose to contact us at 6631 8555 or info@creatz3d.com for more information.

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