Jetta adds realism and colors to 3D Printed Toys with Stratasys J750

As a major OEM maker for over 40 years, Hong Kong-based Jetta Company Limited has been involved in the manufacturing of action figures, stuffed dolls, ornaments, electronic toys and mobile gaming devices for global brands.

Jetta’s mission is to bring joy and laughter to children and adults by delivering good-quality toys to their hands all the time. But the company’s in-house modeling team has been hindered in their mission due to the constraints of conventional manufacturing such as clients’ increasing demand for realistic prototypes and realizing complex product concepts.

ToyMaker Jetta adds colors to their 3D printed toys.
Toy maker Jetta adds colors to their 3D printed toys using a Stratasys J750 3D Printer.

In this video, Mr. Kenneth Wong, CEO of the Jetta Group, explains how the company’s acquisition of a Stratasys J750 multi-material multi-color 3D printer for their production line has helped them in their manufacturing, and how 3D printing, on the whole, has been a great complement to conventional manufacturing processes like CNC.

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