Making Cosmetics Beautiful Using 3D Printed Transparent Prototypes!

This last September we had the privilege to visit a great company; Collcap Packaging, based in the UK.


They are a leading provider of cosmetic packaging for perfume and cosmetics suppliers all over the world. And they’re also the very proud owners of an Objet30 Prodesktop 3D printing system – a system that can print from a choice of 7 different materials including our very special VeroClear transparent material and High Temperature material.

collcapCollcap’s design team uses the Objet30 Pro to vastly improve the prototyping experience for their customers. In the past, a customer’s design requests would require tooling in order to produce the prototypes – an inherently risky process since any modifications would require several weeks (and considerable cost) before they could be placed in front of the customer.

Now the design people at Collcap can turn around a new packaging design in a matter of hours and place a highly accurate and realistic prototype in the hands of the customer virtually the same day!

Thanks to their experience and success with 3D printing, Collcap Packaging is now offering rapid prototyping services to customers outside the cosmetics and packaging sectors as well.

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