Making the Workplace Safer with Hands Free Door Opener

Much has changed in how we work because of COVID, and it cannot be stressed that one of the best ways to stay safe is to minimize the touching of public surfaces as much as possible.

One thing that comes to mind are door handles which are one of the most heavily contacted spots that can spread germs.

Prevention is one of the best safety measures around, and a local ecommerce company turned to us for a solution to make their office environment a safer one with 3D Printed Door Openers that go over existing door handles.

This means returning employees can open and close doors with their forearms instead of their hands, and minimize safety risks. With the recent announcement that up to 75% of staff can return to the workplace from April 5, employers can add an additional layer of security to prevailing safe management measures.

Minimize risks and get yours today

Heading back to the office soon? Our product range covers most of the door handles in the market, but we also have a customizable option to make sure everyone is covered.

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