We believe that collaboration is the future, and we are here to work together hand-in-hand to communicate ideas, designs, and creations through 3D printing solutions. Through fostering close relationships with industry professionals, Creatz3D not only provides a platform for 3D printing development of applications but also contribute to the 3D printing community with proven 3D printing applications.

By embracing and adopting the latest 3D printing solutions, companies in all industries can easily advance the development of their innovative products and services, aided by the 15 years of accumulated experience and technological expertise of our professional and dedicated team.

Enjoying unparalleled innovation and design freedom is just an email away or by filling the form on the right. So turn your innovation into reality for higher productivity and sustained growth.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Ideas should be fresh and innovative that serves as a better alternative.
  2. Your design prototype should include a notable feature or features that differentiate from similar products/applications in the market/industry.
  3. The collaboration should ideally impact your production workflow significantly.
  4. The collaboration could involve making a positive difference to the society/industry by becoming problem solvers in a world full of problems.
  5. We regret to inform that only shortlisted applications will be notified.

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    Yes I have experience with CAD/CAM software

    Company plans to buy a 3D printer

    Company designs and prototypes products or manufacture parts or tools in-house