Materialise releases Magics 23 with automatic support generation and more

Materialise has announced the launch of Magics 23, the latest version of its data and build preparation software, to increase productivity and efficiency in the 3D printing process, in particular for metal additive manufacturing which has been gaining adopting traction across industries.

e-Stage for Titanium
e-Stage for Titanium

Magics 23 will offer more user control and better-integrated features like:

  • Faster processing of large datasets
  • Lessen data preparation time
  • Reduced powder consumption
  • Create self-supporting honeycomb structures easily
  • Preview, analyze and have full control of its orientation on the build platform
  • Improve part quality with fillets which can be generated on a single edge

The new update also introduces a new advanced labeling feature called Data Matrix Label, that converts alphanumeric data from standard 3D printed labels into smart tags for individual parts. The smart tags can be read by conventional data matrix scanners, which reduces human error and automates the post-production process.

Simulation Module
Simulation Module

Multiple additional modules have also been upgraded at the same time. The simulation module reduces the number of failed metal builds by showing potential build errors before they occur. Users need not switch to a separate specialized application for this. Users of other 3D printing technologies can also scale operations and get builds right the first time.

With Magics 23, users are able to enjoy improved automatic support generation for metal 3D printing. With the automatic support generation feature, users can now enjoy a reduction in data preparation time by 90 percent, support removal time by 50 percent, and achieve a powder recuperation of nearly 100 percent, compared to manual support generation.

In addition, Materialise is also introducing three new materials for their 3D printing service:

  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Taurus
  • Inconel (IN718)

These are expected to be of great interest for manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods industries.

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