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ARCAM EBM Technology Materials

ARCAM metal 3D printing materials feature a list of remarkable properties such as corrosion resistance, high strength, excellent biocompatibility and mechanical properties just to name a few. Products made by these materials are used in industries like the aerospace, biomedical and industrial fields.

1. ARCAM ASTM F75 Cobalt-ChromeArcam material table cobalt chrome• Non-magnetic, high temperature capability, strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, excellent biocompatibility
• Cost-efficient alternative for production of CoCr parts with complex geometries
• Ideal for orthopaedics, aerospace, power generation and dental fields
2. Titanium:
(a) Grade 2
(b) Ti6AI4V
(c) Ti6AI4V ELI
• High strength, low weight ratio, outstanding corrosion resistance
• Reliable, economic, durable material that exceeds performance and service life expectations and used to replace heavier, less serviceable and less cost-effective materials
• Used in medical, aerospace, automotive, chemical plant, power generation, oil and gas extraction, sports and other major industries
Titanium Grade 2
Arcam material table titanium 2• Excellent corrosion resistance, high formability, weldability, excellent biocompatibility
• Particularly useful in medical industry especially when direct contact with tissue or bone is required
Titanium Ti6AI4V
Arcam material table titanium• Most widely used titanium alloy
• Good machinability and excellent mechanical properties
• Best all-round performance for a variety of weight reduction applications in aerospace, automotive and marine equipment
Titanium Ti6AI4V ELI
Arcam material table titanium• ELI stands for “Extra Low Interstitials”
• Similar to Ti6AI4V except containing reduced levels of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and iron
• Lower interstitials result in improved ductility and better fracture toughness