Desktop Metal works with the same low-cost MIM powders used in the Metal Injection Molding (MIM) industry, allowing access to an established powder supply chain with the scale required to support volume production and a variety of readily usable alloys such as stainless steels, copper and tool steels.

The metallurgy behind the Studio System, Shop System, and Production System is built upon the material science and established powder supply chain of the metal injection molding (MIM) industry. When combined with the in-house expertise of Desktop Metal in material processing, binder compounds, and 3D printing, the result is high-quality metal parts with affordable material costs.

Inert, closed powder environment

A closed powder environment – inerted to < 2% Oxygen – safely supports a range of both non-reactive and reactive metals in a controlled fashion.

With the isolation from ambient conditions, the powder is produced with consistent characteristics and quality, facilitating part uniformity and repeatability.

Open Material Platform

Metal powders for industry-standard or custom alloys can be sourced openly from a supplier of choice, thanks to the adoption of an open material platform.

This helps to keep costs low and ensure compatibility with bulk sintering processes.

Desktop Metal-engineered Binders

Developed by expert materials scientists at Desktop Metal, the proprietary binders are formulated to support a broad array of alloys.

This process helps to maximize success through every stage of the binder jetting process – ensuring jettability during printing, green part strength during depowdering, and clean burn off prior to sintering.