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SISMA LMF Technology Materials

Materials used in SISMA metal 3D printers feature a list of remarkable properties such as corrosion resistance, good thermal resistance, excellent biocompatibility, and mechanical properties just to name a few. Products made by these materials are suitable to be used in industries like the aerospace, biomedical and jewellery fields.

1. Bronze
Sisma material table bronze• An alloy consisting primarily of copper that is affordable and strong.
• Can add PU coating to provide extra protection against tarnish
• Suitable for making jewellery
2. Cobalt Chrome
Sisma material table cobalt chrome• Non-magnetic, high temperature capability, strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, excellent biocompatibility
• Cost-efficient alternative for production of CoCr parts with complex geometries
• Ideal for orthopaedics, aerospace, power generation and dental fields
3. Inconel 718
Sisma material rable inconel• Non-magnetic, corrosion resistance, Nickel based super alloy
• Suitable for use in high heat
• Used for aerospace and oil well, petroleum and natural gas industry
4. Maraging Steel 1.2709
Sisma material table maraging steel• Excellent strength, toughness and polishability, good thermal conductivity
• Easily machinable after building process and easily post hardened
• Used for production parts, tooling, aerospace, and mechanical engineering
5. 316L Stainless Steel
Sisma material table stainless steel• High ductility, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic
• Manufactured part can be further processed or polished
• Versatility allows it to be used in many industries, namely aerospace, watch and jewellery making, automotive, and food and chemical plants
6. Titanium Ti64 ELI
Sisma material table Ti64 ELI• Excellent mechanical properties, potential biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, high degree of purity and low specific weight
• Commonly used in aerospace and biomedical industries