Open Grant Call for Parts Analysis and Design for AM

Are you a local Singaporean business that is looking into evaluating and adopting 3D printing technologies into your workflow? Here’s some good news!

We understand that there are many companies that are willing to embrace digital transformation but are still facing fundamental challenges to undertake the first step due to a lack of awareness and domain expertise.

This Open Grant Call for Parts Analysis and Design for AM initiative by Enterprise Singapore and NAMIC focuses on part identification, analysis, and technology feasibility assessment. It is broken up into two phases that typically represent the start of a typical organization’s additive manufacturing journey.

The program comprises of 2 phases:

Phase 1 – Part identification and analysis supported by NAMIC Tech Hubs.

Phase 2 – Part fabrication feasibility study where the lead applicant (i.e. end-user/product owner/contract manufacturer) will work with Singapore-based AM service providers such as Creatz3D.

The qualifiable costs are supportable by the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) which can defray up to 80% of the project qualifying costs.

To be eligible, the lead applicant must be a local business with a legal presence in Singapore, and all work for the open grant call should be conducted in Singapore. Applications end on 30 June 2022.

Get in touch now for more information on eligibility, funding support, and application process.

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