Optimising Production for End-Use Components

Save time and money over pilot production, bridge-to-production, full production and end-of-life bridging by using 3D printing for low-quantity manufacturing for finished goods and production parts.

Stratasys FDM technology ensures that production parts are delivered with effective durability, stability and repeatability.

3d printing applications in Finished Goods and Production parts


Pilot Production

With 3D printing, you can validate new product designs and procedures found in mass-production industries with lower development and manufacturing costs, and achieve higher efficiency of manufacturing operations. This is unlike traditional manufacturing methods where repeated refinement and production of designs can be costly.

Bridge-to-Production Parts for Design Validation

Get bridge-to-production goods before using hard tooling for large-scale productions, or use 3D printed production parts while waiting for your actual injection molds.

The FDM 3D printers that we carry support low-volumes of such products for advantages of market validation as early as possible. FDM technology requires no tooling, thus products can be built in a matter of hours with manufacturers being able to evaluate product designs more efficiently and cost-effectively. The use of finished production parts can also be used for business marketing and sales campaigns.

Optimize Full Production of Light Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies

Automated productions of light product assembly and subassembly parts can help you gain the same benefit as Airbus’ utility of 3D printed flight parts by doing away with the management of multiple vendors and part numbers with Stratasys FDM 3D printers for increased supply chain flexibility.

Reduce Investment Costs in End-Of-Life Production

Extend your product and machining life-cycles with FDM 3D printers, and manufacture spare parts without requiring any physical inventory or costly investments in tooling maintenance.