Visual is the key to success

Looking to break free of traditional prototyping methods? With cutting-edge PolyJet technology‘s full digital modeling process, you can now create disruptive packaging showcases to wow.

Validate your final package design in just a day with realistically textured full-color prototypes for cosmetics, beverages, and consumer goods with graphics that are part of the print and provide the ultimate design communication tool.

Apart from cutting time and design costs with an in-house 3D printing solution, get to market faster than the competition.


Earbuds design package produced in 42 hours 37 minutes.

Design and print with advanced materials

Use advanced color algorithms to take PolyJet full-color printing to extraordinary levels — enabling high-quality, full-color model production. Produce sharper text, labels, and graphics that allow you to meet 2D industry print standards (MTF 50% of 37.5LPI).

Create high fidelity prototypes

Produce highly realistic, tangible prototypes and gain accurate feedback and early buy-in from customers and stakeholders before committing to costly packaging production.

Combine exceptional transparency with saturated, opaque graphics all in one print. 

Simulate clear, spray-painted, or tinted glass as well as transparent or colored plastic with smooth color gradients to bring your designs to life.

The left sample is an unfinished bottle. The right sample was produced with an older version of clear and the middle one has been produced and polished with Stratasys’ new clear material.

Retail drink concept that came to fruition in just 2 weeks, from design to full-color prototype.

Retail ready prints

Achieve unprecedented combinations of color, transparency, flexibility, and sharpness in a single print by leveraging the multi-material printing capabilities of Stratasys J Series 3D printers.

With over 500,000 unique colors, realistic texture simulation, a range of rigid and flexible, highly transparent and opaque materials and superior accuracy, J Series 3D printers are the most versatile full-color printers on the market to let you realize your design ideas in days.

Simplify your workflow

Streamline your design process by 3D printing your rendering models quickly instead of spending hours manually designing prototyping-specific models or communicating your design intent with traditional external vendors.

Explore more design combinations, variations, and trends and deliver more professional packaging prototypes to key decision-makers, or test multiple designs with focus groups.

A design realism bottle prototype where you can print the exterior as well as the interior with vivid true-to-life colors to secure that final seal of design approval.



Truly differentiate your products with multiple material options by allowing them to take on any shape, color, and presentation for your audience with truly unique and innovative designs. Design First – Design for Manufacturing later.


When you want to amaze your stakeholders, check our prototype capabilities offering full transparency, graphics, colors, and labels – ready within hours!


Obtain professional, high-grade results in less time to help you stand out in the crowd of consumer products and offer multiple creative possibilities with quick design iterations testing.

Packaging can’t just sit on the shelf.

It doesn’t just have to be noticed. It has to speak to that consumer in a very specific way.Tony Guard, Kinetic Vision