Rapid Prototyping in Singapore

Rapid prototyping is an effective strategy for gaining insight and understanding on how users interact with your product, faster than traditional methods such as creating a Computer Aided Design (CAD) file or building a prototype from scratch. Businesses in Singapore can save time and money by using rapid prototyping so your teams will not spend months designing something that might not work in real life.

Let Your Design Ideas Take Flight

Stratasys 3D printers are enablers for rapid prototyping in Singapore, and they cater to two main applications – concept modelling and functional prototyping. Rapid prototyping is a widely adopted technique that allows for accelerated and efficient evaluation of fit, form, and functional design ideas before moving to production.

3D printing applications in rapid prototyping


Concept Modelling

With 3D concept models, engineers can conduct ergonomic studies and make necessary adjustments to areas of their models that would be costly to rectify after mass production begins.

Marketing teams also benefit from the rapid process of prototyping models, as they can find value in accelerated efficiency by using concept models to convey product benefits during promotional campaigns.

With 3D printing, you can demonstrate your next big inspiration with 3D printed concept models. You can also incorporate improvements early and get a jumpstart in marketing activities while filtering out costly failures.

3d printed concept model prototyping

Benefit your business with the ability of testing scaled-down functional prototyping to reveal the performance of your product ideas before committing to production tooling.

Notably in aerospace applications, scaled-down functional prototypes can be used to test aircraft aerodynamic capabilities in wind tunnels for more cost-effective evaluations.

Exclusive 3D Printer Distributor for Rapid Prototyping in Singapore

Creatz3D is the established 3D printing solution provider for designers and manufacturers for business integration of rapid prototyping in Singapore and Vietnam.