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Extensive Material Options

As a well-established player in the stereolithography world, wide-ranging materials developed in-house by DWS paired with their range of SLA 3D printers help develop complete solutions in terms of surface quality and definition on finished products for the jewelry, dental, manufacturing, and design verticals.

Its portfolio consists of various product families, including the FUSIA series for investment casting, the THERMA series for high-definition parts, the IRIX series consisting of a stone imitation material, the tough INVICTA series, and more.

FUSIA Series: For All Investment Casting Applications

The Fusia series was developed specifically for the lost-wax casting of jewelry models, fashion accessories, investment casting models for the industrial sector, and burn-out models for the dental sector.

It is recommended for making detailed models and parts requiring the highest possible resolution. The Fusia range of 3D printing resins was developed in-house at DWS, are fully tested, do not require post-production processing beyond support removal, washing, and UV curing.

They melt easily and ensure precise and accurate detail.

THERMA Series: High Definition At High Temperatures

The Therma Series includes nanoceramic materials developed for creating rubber molds, vulcanized masters, and models for thermoforming. These are high-definition materials for printing 3D models with extra-smooth surfaces and high-temperature resistance.

VITRA Series: Ultra-High-Definition Transparent Material

Developed for the production of transparent, high-definition models that are tough and long-lasting, these Vitra series models have smooth, detailed, precise surfaces and require little post-production treatment.

IRIX Series: Digital Stone

IRIX is our DWS-patented imitation stone material, known as “digital stone” because it replicates the main characteristics of naturally occurring stones. IRIX enables the creation of jewels using the J series of professional 3D printers by DWS, allowing just-in-time production in line with the principles of Green Jewelry to protect the environment and living species.

FLEXA Series: Flexible Materials

Flexa is our flexible, rubber-like material, developed specifically for 3D printing functional prototypes. Models made from Flexa with DWS 3D printers are tough, flexible, and long-lasting, with well-defined surfaces. The material looks just like rubber, does not deform over time, and retains its physical properties.

PRECISA Series: Precision, Detail, And High Definition

Precisa is the material designed for creating models with ultra-smooth, detailed surfaces, requiring high resolution and accuracy. It is ideal for use in the dental sector, where models require extreme precision.

It is also perfect for modeling, where the smallest details are key, and for jewelry, which demands the utmost precision in rendering detail.

INVICTA Series: Unbeatably Tough

The Invicta series was developed specifically for the production of functional prototypes, concept models, and interlocking parts, which require accuracy, precision, and durability. Materials in this range retain their physical and mechanical properties over time.