Polish metals with revolutionary DLyte technology

Polish metals without liquids with revolutionary DryLyte technology from DLyte. Creatz3D is delighted to be the exclusive distributor of DLyte machines in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

DLyte Process - Creatz3D

DLyte, a Spanish-based company under GPA Innova, recently launched a patented revolutionary technology, Drylyte, that enables the automatic grinding and polishing of precious metal components.

Billed as the world’s first dry electropolishing system, the technology uses no liquid as the electrolyte and is highly suitable for those dealing with steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium components.

Surface quality is especially critical for high-precision engineering applications, especially for those companies in the medical, automotive, and aeronautics industries.

Following the initial build process, grinding and polishing of metal parts is an important process to remove any micro-defects or impurities and improve the wear and tear of the part.

There are challenges however with present grinding and polishing solutions either being too costly or time-consuming, while also often delivering results that do not meet functional requirements.

With DryLyte technology, the system will not leave micro-scratches on the surface during polishing and can maneuver small corners – which traditional polishing systems are unable to achieve. Superior surface results, with Ra under 0.09 µm can be achieved, without the geometry of the part being altered.

Brilliant mirror-like finishes are ensured in one step and with predictable costs and make this dry electropolishing system a nice complement to your existing setup or as a standalone.

Visitors to the recent Medical Manufacturing Asia 2018 in Singapore were able to catch a glimpse of the DLyte machines in action at their main booth as well as the booth of their Singapore distributor, Creatz3D, and were notably intrigued with the wide range of applications. We will be exhibiting the DLyte machine at the upcoming Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific (ITAP) 2018 from October 16 – 18th at Singapore Expo Hall 1, Booth L18, so do visit their booth to learn more.

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