A public American technology company, Desktop Metal is one of Creatz3D’s partners. Renowned for its designs and marketing of 3D printing systems, they have long been committed to making metal 3D printing accessible to manufacturers, designers and engineers all around the world. At Creatz3D, we efficiently match our expertise in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) field with that of our customer’s and Desktop Metal’s applications. This is done so that collaborative creations are accelerated and preferred outcomes are achieved. Therefore, if you are searching for office-friendly and high-speed systems for 3D printing metal parts and rapid prototyping from Desktop Metal, we ensure that all your needs for rapid prototyping and mass production are met here.

Desktop Metal Printer Systems in Singapore 

Desktop Metals solutions portfolio covers the full metal fabrication product lifecycle:

  • Studio System™ for low volume prototyping in an office environment
  • Production System™ for mass production
  • Shop System™ for mid-volume runs of complex metal parts on the shop floor

Desktop Metal has two key products – the Studio System and the Production System. The former is aimed at engineers for small-run productions, while the latter is designed more for manufacturers and their large-scale printing needs. The Studio System is designed for the office, with applications fitting seamlessly into your team’s workflow regardless of the industry. Not requiring any special facilities, in just two steps – print and sinter – you can easily print metal parts. If your objective is to print mass amounts of metal parts with no tooling in the most demanding applications, the Production print System is worth considering. Offering best-in-class repeatability, competitive cost per part, and wide material compatibility, you can produce dozens of parts simultaneously in a cost-effective manner.

The tech company also recently launched the Shop System, which is the world’s first metal binder jetting system that brings metal 3D printing right to your machine shop. Perfect for mass batch production of customer-ready metal 3D printed parts in the hundreds and thousands, the Shop System delivers unparalleled productivity and best in class print quality.

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If you are looking for Desktop Metal print systems, look no further than Creatz3D. Boasting a range of industrial metal 3D printers, we ensure you’ll be able to find the printing solution that supports optimal prototyping and production experiences. For more information on our Desktop Metal products in Singapore and our range of services, feel free to get in touch with us.

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