Stratasys FDM F3300 3D Printer


Minimal labor, lower cost, faster throughput.

The FDM F3300 is an industrial FDM 3D printer that redefines the state of the art for FDM technology with completely redesigned hardware, software, and systems that lower your production costs. The printer has several features that enable lower part costs, including faster print speed, high part yield, lower material pricing, and reduced labor

FDM F3300 prints up to twice the speed of current industrial FDM printers, producing twice as many parts in the same amount of time. The printer’s autocalibration feature eliminates or reduces the labor required to operate the printer, lowering your cost to produce parts. The F3300 uses large 4100 cc (250 cubic inch) material spools and simpler spool design to lessen their manufacturing cost, particularly for high-performance materials, which lowers material prices and reduces a customer’s cost to print each part.

Double your throughput.

The F3300 has the tech doubling throughput compared to standard FDM printers. New features like faster gantry speeds, multiple extruders, and automatic tool changing let you print 1.5-2x more parts, saving time and boosting production. Faster extrusion, multi-resolution printing, and autocalibration further streamline the process. With larger material spools and preloaded extruders, the F3300 keeps printing nonstop, making it a powerhouse for your 3D printing needs. 

Industrial 3D Printing with Reliability.

For production environments demanding unwavering performance, the F3300 redefines reliability in industrial 3D printing. Its robust architecture and advanced monitoring systems ensure predictable operations and consistent, high-quality outputs. 

EtherCAT backbone: A high-speed communication protocol synchronizes all print subsystems, guaranteeing precision and repeatability in every build. 

Redundant extrusion: Dual extruders with independent material supplies eliminate single points of failure. If one encounters an issue, the other seamlessly takes over within a minute, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. 

Predictive intelligence: Strain gauges and comprehensive self-monitoring alert the system to any deviations in extrusion parameters like force, position, temperature, and velocity. This proactive approach allows for pre-emptive interventions, averting potential failures before they impact production. 

With the F3300, your production line gains unprecedented resilience. Its unwavering reliability allows you to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional results on a consistent basis. 

Up Your FDM with the F3300’s Quality Boost.

The F3300 delivers next-level FDM printing thanks to its innovative features that enhance part quality and process control. 

Moisture Mastery: Integrated dryers with precise temperature and humidity settings keep filaments in tip-top shape, resulting in stronger, more reliable prints. 

Precision Movement: The gantry system, powered by high-accuracy linear encoders, lays down material exactly where it needs to be, ensuring dimensional accuracy and flawless results. 

Extrude with confidence: Advanced algorithms and temperature control in the extruders guarantee consistent material flow, leading to predictable, high-quality prints every time. 

The F3300 redefines industrial FDM 3D printing by introducing groundbreaking features that elevate print quality and process control to unprecedented levels. Forget unreliable parts and inconsistent workflows – this machine delivers exceptional results consistently, making it ideal for demanding production environments.

Ease to operation.

The F3300 is a 3D printer that prioritizes operational efficiency and ease of use, empowering personnel at all skill levels to unlock its full potential. It features a large, intuitive touchscreen interface with dual internal camera views and clear, color-coded displays of extruder, material, and print status. 

The F3300 also has automated calibration, which eliminates downtime and manual intervention by automatically recalibrating after material changes in minutes, ensuring consistent precision and operator independence. All four print bays are strategically positioned at the front of the machine, minimizing material loading effort and maximizing operational efficiency. The F3300 also boasts a larger range of user-replaceable components compared to legacy systems, empowering operators to resolve minor issues quickly and maintain uptime, further increasing operational autonomy. 

The software tailored for success includes GrabCAD Print™, which offers a streamlined CAD-to-print workflow with features like build file integrity checks, queue management, and real-time print notifications, ideal for both novice and experienced users. For advanced users, GrabCAD Print Pro™ unlocks additional workflow optimization tools alongside all the functionalities of GrabCAD Print.